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Empowering Digital Safety Through Training, Consulting, and Software


Providing professional cybersecurity services and seeking to raise the level of digital security by providing software solutions, professional consultations and professional training


Leadership in the field of cybersecurity services and excellence in providing cybersecurity training programs at the local and regional levels to the world.


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In addition to more than 50 specialized training programs

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Our programs are designed and developed in accordance with international standards that serve all segments of society and qualify them to work with high professionalism



Digital Security Literacy



Certied Network Defender



Digital Evidence Investigations



Certified Ethical Hacker



Professional Certied Penetration Testing



Certifed SOC Analyst



Certified Information Security Officer

Enhanced Cybersecurity with SIEM Solution

Streamline your security management and gain comprehensive visibility across your network with our SIEM Solution. Harness the power of advanced analytics to detect, investigate, and respond to threats in real-time. Ensure regulatory compliance with ease and optimize your IT operations. Elevate your cybersecurity posture — learn more about our cutting-edge SIEM platform today.

EndPoint Security


Configuration Assessment


Malware Detection


File Integrity Monitoring

Threat Intelligence


Threat Hunting


Log Data Analysis


Vulnerability Detection

Security Operations


Incident Response


Regulatory Compliance


IT Hygiene

Secure Your Organization

CIS Controls offer IT security leaders a strategic pattern to enhance their organization’s protection efficiently. They present a structured set of 20 essential and sophisticated cyber defense actions that help thwart prevalent threats. This approach helps in prioritizing and implementing the most effective security measures.

For instance, one critical control is to maintain an inventory of both authorized and unauthorized devices, ensuring only approved hardware is connected to your systems.

Cyber Security Best Practices

CIS Controls™ is a global industry best practices endorsed by leading IT security vendors and governing bodies.

Cyber Security Best Practices

CIS Benchmarks™ is a global industry best practices endorsed by leading IT security vendors and governing bodies.

Secure Your Systems & Platforms

Established benchmarks serve as a roadmap for fortifying the most susceptible elements of your digital infrastructure against cyber threats. These guidelines are rigorously tested and refined by a dedicated community of IT professionals, ensuring they remain effective against the dynamics of cybersecurity challenges. They focus on securing operating systems, software, and networks to provide robust defense mechanisms.

CIS Benchmarks For:


Software validation & Verification

Evaluate Design Rigorously

Verify Compliance Thoroughly

Assure Quality Reliably

Leverage industry-recognized principles for robust software validation, ensuring your software systems are thoroughly evaluated for performance and integrity. Our services align with comprehensive standards for the meticulous verification of medical software, providing a reliable framework for design, development, and manufacturing processes. Gain assurance with our expert validation approach, tailored to deliver software that meets the highest benchmarks of consistency and security. Explore our validation services to uphold the quality and dependability your users trust.


MusingTechnology is an accredited training and testing center by the International Council EC-Council, a leading body in the field of information security and protection and an innovative of the most popular training courses CEH. We are also CompTIA Certified, Join us and take your IT career to the next level with a trusted CompTIA certification.



Musing Technology’s cybersecurity training program was a game-changer for our team. Their experts are knowledgeable and their approach is practical. I couldn’t recommend them more for any company serious about their digital security.

As a small business owner, cybersecurity was always a concern but felt overwhelming. Musing Technology made it simple and manageable. Their training and software solutions gave me the peace of mind I needed to focus on growing my business.


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