A full-featured SIEM system


What is siem

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system serves as a central hub for collecting and analyzing real-time data for threat detection and compliance monitoring. It integrates data from various sources such as endpoints, network equipment, cloud services, and applications, ensuring broad security insights.

Safeguard your infrastructure and adhere to regulatory standards by overseeing and auditing endpoint behavior. The SIEM system compiles, preserves, and examines security event data to pinpoint irregularities or signs of security breaches. It enhances alerts with contextual data to speed up investigations and decrease the average time to respond.

Identify vulnerabilities on monitored endpoints where the security agent is deployed. The system categorizes and prioritizes detected vulnerabilities to accelerate decision-making and remediation efforts. This vulnerability detection feature helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards and minimizes your exposure to attacks.

Utilize the Security Configuration Assessment (SCA) tool to detect misconfigurations and security weaknesses in your infrastructure. This tool performs scans against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks, enabling you to find and correct vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or deviations from established best practices and security standards.

Streamline the task of achieving regulatory compliance using a SIEM system. This tool aids in monitoring and proving adherence to multiple regulatory standards, including PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, GDPR, TSC SOC2, and HIPAA, helping you manage compliance efficiently.



Alerting and notification

Get real-time alerts and notifications upon security incidents. The system correlates events from various sources, incorporates threat intelligence feeds, and offers customizable dashboards and reports. Alerts can be tailored to specific needs, enabling security teams to react swiftly to threats and reduce the impact of security incidents.

Reporting insights from SIEM events

Create detailed reports offering in-depth analysis of security events. The system enables the generation of comprehensive, actionable insights tailored to your specific requirements. Use these reports to illustrate compliance with diverse regulations and standards, supporting your security and compliance efforts.